Parallel Space app review

What is Parallel Space?

The Parallel Space app is an extremely unique app created by LBE Tech. The app enables users to copy and run many accounts on a single app.
Parallel Space is a different app that enables you to sign in two various accounts on one Android smartphone device together. By using this application, you can simply add another account for Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, 2go, Telegram, Snapchat,  and a lot of others that limit you from having a different account setup on the same smartphone.

Parallel Space app review
Parallel Space app review

Seldom you play on-line games and want to play various accounts simultaneously. And this is the application that you have been searching for such a long time. You can use many social networking accounts and games simultaneously without having to log out and log in to different accounts. This wonderful tool will copy applications and license to run independently. In this manner, you don't have to worry about being interrupted while utilizing multiple (various) accounts. Furthermore, the app also has several other great benefits.

Parallel Space has a pretty simple-to-use interface and also optimizes the app it multiplies. Your app is not only cloned but also optimized to the maximum. Hence, you will have the smoothest knowledge without worrying about frame jerks. Also especially, the interface is extremely nice and simple to utilize. With a single interface, not too unusual will make new people instantly get acquainted. Also, you can modify the interface according to your own preferences.
The next feature that this unique app offers is that it supports all the apps you have installed and some system applications. It will multiply the new app as a newly installed and unused app. And the app that Parallel Space clones will have an outline around it for simple identification. You can also add cloned app shortcuts to your home screen for simple use.

The last floating highlight is to hide the favorite app. Parallel Space will protect the app you want and add-in itself. This is really useful if you have some apps that want to hide information, private photos,  private videos, but fear your friends and lovers borrow the device and find out, you can protect it.

Some things to note

To utilize the Parallel Space application you have to license it. And administrator LBE Tech has committed that it is fit and replicates all apps. But please note that cloning and running many applications will still consume memory. Especially battery life will spend a lot if you open two applications in parallel space simultaneously. And the memory will consume as well as the original app, you can monitor it through the Storage section in Parallel Space. Besides, you can backup information (data) to your Google account so that data is not missed while you remove (delete)  the app or reinstall the device.
One more thing but equally valuable. If you want to utilize various social network accounts simultaneously add Parallel Space to the exceptions list in the standby app. Adding an exception list will support you get the news on time and there is no delay in time.
That’s all the administrator requires you to note. Please read correctly to answer the questions you encounter while using it.

Is parallel space free?

It's named Parallel Space, also it's free! Parallel Space provides a user the ability to log into two many user accounts at the same time by creating a separate (parallel) on the Android device. Most maximum apps in the Google Play Store are fit via parallel Space.

How to add apps to parallel space?

Step 1: If your android device doesn’t have the dual-apps feature built-in then you should download ‘Parallel Space’ application.

Step 2: Open the application and click on Start which will then display all the chosen applications to be cloned by default. You can pick up to 9 applications at a time.

Step 3: Pick the applications you have to duplicate and hit 'Add to Parallel Space'. The picked applications will immediately be shown in another 'Parallel Space' window. Hit the application to sign in via the new account.

Step 4: Finish the sign-in process as you would do regularly and voila you're good to go.

Step 5: By default, just the cloned app can be accessed from ‘Parallel Space’. But, if you need to create a separate shortcut, simply go to the parallel space app window > click and hold the app and pull it to the ‘Create shortcut’ choice at the bottom. The shortcut generated by Parallel Space is likely to have a white background for clear identification.


In this article, we will discuss the Parallel Space app review? If you have any problems please comment below. I will reply soon.

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