What is Domain authority DA and Page Authority PA full guide for 2019

Hello guys today I am going to show you what is Domain authority DA and Page Authority PA full guide for 2019

    Domain Authority (DA) is one of the SEs signals to calculate the rank of any web page. This is a level of points ranging from 0 to 100. Where 100 is a maximum value and 0 is the minimum value. So, this factor plays the key role to rank on the 1st (or first) page of Google search results and to bring in organic traffic. Few of the features that affect its value are as follows:

    • Age of your Domain
    • Amount of Social signals
    • Site Volume
    • Quality as well as Amount of backlinks
    What is Domain authority DA and Page Authority PA full guide for 2019
    What is Domain authority DA and Page Authority PA full guide for 2019

    Page Authority VS Domain Authority

    Both are different terms and measured with different parameters. Any page that exists in your blog has the same DA while PA of all pages will be different from others. If one post has 100 backlinks, 2000 social shares will absolutely have more Page authority (PA) as compared to the newly created page or the page having fewer links pointing to it...

    How Domain Authority (DA) is calculated

    It is a ranking of a website which is measured by Moz. The score is updated on a monthly basis. There are over 100 factors used by Moz to measure it, some of the factors are as follows:

    Age of the website: It is measured from the time your blog was live in the search engines. It is not determined by the time your domain name was registered.

    Total Back Links: The number of backlinks is one of the main factors for determined the domain and page authority. To get backlinks you can use the backlink generator tool.

    Types of backlinks: Spam backlinks cause low ranking of your blog even if you have thousands of backlinks.

    Quality of the Content: Quality of the content contains the average length of the text on your web pages. Also, Spelling and grammar mistakes fall under this category. If you have plagiarized content on your blog, the authority of such a URL will be considered low. So always, use a plagiarism checker tool to make sure the text of your article is 100% unique. The length of the content on the webpage also considered a big factor to increase domain authority. You can use the word counter tool to calculate the total number of words and characters of the text.

    Design of your website: When we say website design, it doesn't mean how attractive design you have. It means how much it is compatible with all browsing devices like laptops, desktops tablets, cell phones, etc.

    Speed of the website: Loading speed of the blog does not only increase domain authority, but it also helps you to rank better in search engines as well.

    Social Signals: The presence of your website on social media platforms like facebook, twitter, etc.

    Moz Trust: This term is introduced by Moz. Moz trust any blog developed with the passage of time and they have different parameters to calculate it.

    Quality Images: Quality Images increase the session duration of your blog and create a logical way to decrease the bounce rate. All you have to make sure is that the images you are using are not copied and plagiarised. You can use a reverse image search tool for this goal.

    How to maintain Domain Authority & Page Authority

    Achieving 50 scores this month does not mean this value will remain the same in the next months too. These values of web pages may decrease or increase with the passage of time. To stabilize your website authority you should regularly update the content of your blog (or website). Get backlinks from other reputable sources. Share your blog posts to social media on a daily basis.

    How to Increase Moz Domain Authority

    How to Increase Moz Domain Authority, What is Domain authority DA and Page Authority PA full guide for 2019
    How to Increase Moz Domain Authority

    Search engines like Google consider several factors when ranking blogs. You may have been told by an SEO expert to examine a number of aspects to get better the ranking. However, what if we tell you there is only one single strong factor that can give your website the highest ranking on Google?
    Well, it's true. We call it Moz domain authority. It's a metric developed by Moz, scoring blogs 0 to 100. The higher, the better. Here is how you can improve your blogs domain authority (PA):

    Work on your on-page SEO

    On-page SEO of your blog is exactly like the term indicates. It is everything that goes on your website. This means that you should start working on the type of content you share on your blog. You must know the type of audience coming on the blog and get to comprehend how the content is relevant to them. Make sure to remove any grammatical errors in the content. The content should, of course, be well-researched and of value to the readers. Also, the keyword density on your blogs should be appropriate. Make sure to add an A meta description that will impress the readers. Meta tags are another method of bringing in a new audience for your blog. URL structures are recommended to be short. You can also try and add more internal links to your content.

    Work on your off-page SEO

    Off-page SEO mainly consists of 3 (three) parts. The first is social media marketing. The second is social bookmarking and the third is link building. In the case of domain authority, if you improve the total number of links associated with your website, you will be ranking higher. Keep in mind that search engines look for both quantity and quality in links. There is no point going after spam links. Social media marketing helps in increasing awareness of your blog. The more the total number of shares of your blog on social media, the higher your domain authority (PA) score is expected to be.

     Make your website mobile-friendly

    Today, Google users are not restricted to computers and big screens only. People tend to make Google searches on the go and mostly use phones to make searches faster and time-saving. If your blog is not mobile-friendly and the overall user experience of your blog is not good, your domain authority (DA) score will have to automatically drop. There was a time when mobile-friendly blogs were optional. Today, they are mandatory.

    Pay attention to your social signals

    According to Google, social signals are not part of Google’s algorithm. However, results have shown that better social signals lead to better domain authority (DA) and hence, better ranking. When the content you publish on your website gets shared on social media and when there is a certain amount of engagement done through it, your URL authority has a chance of going higher. It suggests that you should start working on your social media platforms. If you haven't any created yet, plan a social media presence so that every time you share a blog, there is some discussion going around it. It will help in bringing a new audience for your blog as well. Your total number of views will improve and there is a powerful chance that your site and content go viral.

    Stay calm
    Moz Domain Authority (DA) is a score that accommodates everything as top SEO factors for blog ranking. When placing your blog on the search engine, Google can include more factors than one, but domain and page authority will continue to its top priority. It takes time to create a better domain authority (DA) since there are a number of factors involved in reaching higher Moz rank and backlinks. Stay calm, be persistent and witness the growth of DA and PA in a few months.


    If you have any questions or queries on What is Domain authority DA and Page Authority PA full guide for 2019 article please comment below. I will answer soon.


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