Make money with your Blog in 2019 easily

Make money with your Blog in 2019 easily
Make money with your Blog in 2019 easily
You would like to make money, exactly? Of course, you do. Each person needs to make money. So you started a blog since you’ve heard it’s a simple way to make cash, but you’re not quite sure how to actually make money doing it. Or maybe you earlier have a blog and you’re exploring ways to monetize it.
Ways to make money with your own blog!

1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing works by inserting tracked affiliate links into the text of your blog or website.
You can make a little commission always a reader clicks through to a website you suggest and make a purchase.
Approximately all online eCommerce websites have an affiliate program you can use affiliate marketing through ad networks for instance Amazon, Associates, Topshop, or you can make (create) private partnerships via advertisers and businesses with an affiliate program.

Here are a few well-liked Affiliate marketing marketplaces that you may join

2. Banner adverts or monetize with CPC or CPM

One of the most well-liked ways bloggers make money is through adding ads on their site.
Advertisement can be located really anywhere, but usually found across the top of blog pages or within the sidebar.
You can earn money in one of two ways.
CPC (cost per click) means you'll get a set payment for each the reader who clicks the advertisement, while CPM (cost per thousand) means you'll get a set payment for every 1,000 impressions the ad gets.
The most well-liked network for adding these types of ads is Google AdSense.
With this program, you can easily place the banner on your site, Google chooses ads related to your content, and your viewers click on the ads. There are numerous similar programs available if you find that AdSense doesn’t work for you, for instance, Infolinks, Propeller, and

3. Sell digital products like eBooks

If you have skills or recommendations to offer, another the choice is to charge a fee for access to eBooks?
All you need to do is choose a topic, compile an eBook on that topic, and place (add) it on sale on your blog or on Amazon. Once you are used to this method, you can earn a decent amount of money by selling eBooks online. Furthermore, having your own product to sell is the most excellent thing that you can do to make passive income.

4. Sell Memberships

Another choice to make money is to sell memberships to exclusive corners of your blog. For example, a career website might charge $10 per month for users to gain admission (access) to their job board.
A startup business website might sell memberships to their forums where people can find personalized advice about their business.
The key here is that your exclusive membership has to be additional valuable than something your visitors can get for free somewhere else, o make sure you are creating something of value and merit the price.

5. Sponsored content (pay per post)

According to the collection of bloggers we spoke to, one of the greatest ways of monetizing a blog are through offering sponsored content opportunities (or advertorials). These are basically advert in the form of a paid-for article or blog post.

Here are a few websites to find paid reviews/ sponsored content opportunities

How will you receive a Blogging payment?
Your advertisers could be sitting at a dissimilar part of the globe and there are five popular ways by which you can receive payment from all over the globe. These are also well-liked ways by which these companies pay.

Just the once you start making money, it’s a good thought to have an account on the entire above website which let you receive (accept) payments.


In this article, we will discuss Make money with your Blog in 2019 easily.
If you have any questions or queries please comment below. I will reply soon!



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